Tile FAQs

Can I order a sample to see the quality and color of the mural before I order?

Yes, we are happy to make up a sample tile from any mural you would like to see. We suggest just purchasing one tile from the mural you will be ordering. If you like what you see just give us a call back and order the remaining tiles from the mural. It will save you money on samples in the long run. 

Will the colors I see online match the mural that I receive?

Computer monitors have inherent limitations, and the electronic reproduction of color on the internet can be slightly imprecise.  In addition, people's monitor settings may influence how colors are displayed depending on the user's brightness and contrast settings.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee that what you see online will match exactly to our delivered product.  We have gone to great lengths to portray colors as accurately as possible.  If you would like to see actual colors, you may order a sample tile as outlined above.

What if tiles break in shipping or during installation?

We take extra care in packing our murals so they will arrive to you in perfect condition, however once in a while some murals will show up damaged. We will send out free replacement tiles for any tiles that break during shipping, but you must call us within 3 days of receiving your mural. Every tile is marked with a number and letter on the back; please have this information from the broken tiles ready when calling for replacements.

If you break a tile during installation, give us a call to order replacements. Don’t worry, we save your file for your mural and they should match up perfectly. 

What is your return policy?

Indoor Tile Murals (Ceramic, Tumbled Marble, Glass) made with our art: If you are unhappy with your tiles, they may be returned, but there are some restrictions. If you would like to return a mural you must contact us prior to sending the mural back to us. Because your order was made up just for you, we do charge a 30% restocking fee for all returned murals. All returns must be shipped back within 30 days from the date you received them. Refunds are only given if the tiles are returned in their new and salable condition.

Any Item/Product Made With Customer's Art: Any item (tile mural, mosaic, personalized gift item, etc.) ordered through Tile By Design using either customer's submitted or chosen art has no resale value, and therefore cannot be returned.

Kiln Fired Tile Murals/Marble Mosaics: Unless product delivered is different than ordered (incorrect size, wrong image, etc.), we do not accept returns on kiln fired murals or marble mosaics.

Should I seal my tile mural?

If you’re installing marble tile or a matte finish tile, its always a good idea to apply a sealer before grouting. This will help with grout clean up. Use care when using a dark colored grout, sometimes this will stain a natural stone or the matte finish tile.

How long will it take to receive my tile order?                                                                         

Indoor Tile Murals (Ceramic, Tumbled Marble, Glass): Most indoor tile mural orders are produced and shipped within 10 business days.  If you need your order expedited please let us know so we can get it out as quickly as possible. We can provide you with expedited shipping quotes. 

Kiln Fired Tile Murals: Production of our kiln fired murals is a much more labor intensive process than our tile murals suitable for indoor installations.  Because of this, please allow 4-8 weeks for production. We do our best to have these pieces produced as quickly as possible. 

Marble Mosaics:  These hand assembled pieces are made and shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.  Depending upon size, complexity, and current demand, mosaics can take 7-35 days to be made and delivered to you.

Can I customize an image or the size of a mural?

Yes, we do custom work for our clients all the time. We realize each installation is unique so if you need a specific size let us know, we can help. If you need colors tweaked we can do that too.  Our artists on staff are happy to work with you, to help you get the look you want. 

Can I create a tile mural from my own photographs or artwork?

Yes, we can transform your photos or artwork into tile murals. We need a high resolution digital file to work with; JPEG or TIFF files are great. If you need a little artwork on it just ask us.

Can you use the tile murals in an outdoor application?

Any mural that is going to be installed outdoors will have to be kiln fired.  Please contact us today to obtain a quote. 

Installing Tiles:

Grout: Sand-free grout should be used when installing tiles. Use a grout float with a rubber face to spread grout over tiles. Be careful when using black or dark grout on natural stone and matte finished tiles. The grout may slightly discolor the image. Sealing the tile first should help with grout clean up. We don’t recommend cutting our tile murals. If you must cut them please be aware that you may see some chipping in the image along the cut edge.

Will my Tile Mural Arrive Assembled?

Tile murals will be shipped unassembled with individual tiles stacked on top of each other.  Each tile will have a number/letter code on the back of it (Ex: A1, B1, C1, etc.).  We will include an easy to follow installation guide that uses these codes to explain what order the tiles should be installed.

Can you help me estimate how many tiles I need?

Absolutely! We are always happy to help with measurements and estimating quantities of tile required! However, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to confirm details of their order, including, but not limited to: tile type, size, SKU, quantity required, etc. It is always a good idea to involve a qualified installer at this stage.

Caring For Tiles:

Cleaning: Any foam or spray household cleaner or Soft Scrub cleanser and a soft cloth or sponge work well when cleaning your tile murals. Please don’t use any cleansers with harsh abrasives like Comet or Ajax.

Mosaic FAQ:

Can the size be changed?

All sizes can be modified to fit your space.  However, some designs cannot be made smaller due to design constraints.

Are Mosaics Safe for Outdoors, Swimming Pools, and Flooring?

Yes, these mosaics are made from natural colored marble so they are resistant to any extreme weather conditions such as ice, sun, etc.  They are safe to install in swimming pools or high traffic areas.

Are Custom Mosaics Available?

Absolutely!  Send us your artwork, image, or idea and we can provide you with a proposal.

How Should the Mosaic be Installed?

The mosaic is supplied directly from our manufacturer's factory, glued to a fiber mesh backing, ensuring that each of the hand-cut tiles remain firmly in place during shipment.  Installing the mosaic is very similar to installing standard ceramic tiles.

What Do You Recommend for Sealing the Mosaic?

We strongly recommend sealing your mosaic, as well as applying an enhancer.  Sealing, however, does not fully protect the mosaic from staining.  Therefore, any stain that comes into contact with the mosaic should be cleaned immediately.  Miracle Sealant Company products are recommended.

What Type of Grout Should be used for my Mosaic?

Any tile grout can be used; sanded or non-sanded is fine.